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Supply List 2015-2016 

Click HERE for 2015-2016 supply list


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2015-2016 School Calendar 

Click HERE for 2015-2016 school calendar


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Back 2 School Tailgate 

Click HERE for Back 2 School Tailgate 


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Dance Camp 

Click HERE for Dance Camp flyer


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Summer Solutions 2015 

Click HERE for Summer Solutions Order Form


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Order Form for Used Uniform Room 

Click HERE for Order Form for Used Uniform Room


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NEW Parish Library 

Our newly renovated Parish Library is located in the rear of the school cafeteria. You may borrow books, DVDs or CDs. Just sign out what you are borrowing and return it in a timely fashion when you are finished so that others may have access to our treasures. If you cannot make it to the cafeteria, there will be a list of our books on the parish website and in the back of the church. We hope that you make good use of the library to grow in your knowledge and love of our faith. Also, all donations of books, etc., are always gratefully accepted! For questions or comments, contact Sue Varholy at 854-6653.

Click HERE for a list of our current selections.


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Lunch Order Form 

The Lunch Order Forms can be found HERE.


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Interested in learning more about the Catholic Church? 

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) provides a process for people who wish to investigate more fully the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Soon we will be gathering for our fall session of RCIA.

You may be married to a Catholic, or someone who has always wondered about Catholics or someone who is considering becoming a Catholic. Anyone with an interest is warmly welcomed. You assume no obligation by attending these sessions. 

Please call or email Sue Varholy in the Rel Ed office (854-6653) (   if you are interested in joining us or have any questions.


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''Together We Can'' Provide Quality Catholic Education for our Children 

Inline image 1

"Together We Can Do Great Things"

Thank you to ALL who helped to make our celebration of Catholic Schools Week so wonderful!

It was a true testament to the family spirit that exists among our students, staff, and families.

In the coming weeks, letters that students wrote expressing their gratitude for the gifts and blessings 

of our school will be published on the website and in the parish bulletin.


St. Patrick Catholic School truly is "a collaborative ministry of the parish and school community".

"Together we can"...provide our children with quality Catholic education...that IS a great thing!

No family, truly desiring a Catholic education for their child(ren) is turned away from our school.

This is possible because of the tremendous prayerful and financial support received from our Parish Family.


Let us pray in gratitude for this commitment to the future of our children!


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Box Top etc. Collections 


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Plastic Bag Collection to Support Catholic Harvest Food Pantry 

         Plastic grocery bags continue to be collected at St. Patrick Catholic School for Catholic Harvest Food Pantry. 

Plastic bags may be sent to the school office at any time!



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St. Patrick School Spirit Items 

The PTO has purchased spirit items to sell as a way to show our school pride.

Available items include:

Baseball Caps $5

Cinch Saks $3

Water Bottles $3

Pens $1, Pencils $.25

There are a limited number of fleece blankets, and socks available from previous orders.

The blankets are $10 and the socks are $2/pair or 3 pair for $5.

Orders may be sent to school with children.

Please place money in an envelope and indicate which items are to be purchased.


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COLUMBIETTES: We Share, We Care, We Serve 


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Pastoral Music - Your Time and Talent... our Treasure! 

We are ready to begin a new season of all Pastoral Music groups.  Click HERE to visit our Pastoral Music section for complete information and our online Registration Form. We offer opportunities for all ages! If you have questions feel free to contact Libby in the Pastoral Music Office at 845-4907 or  .


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"Our Lady of Kibeho" 

As mentioned by Fr. Cawley, during the Masses on May 16, 2010, below is a link to Our Lady of Kibeho: Mary Speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa, on

Go to Book on


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Parking Lot Warning! 

Please be aware that the small parking lot in the alley---Cherry Ln.--- behind St. Patrick Catholic School and next to OUR parking lot at the corner of S. George St., and W. College Ave., is NOT part of our property. It is privately owned and posted as "Permit Parking Only" and that others will be towed. Unfortunately, some have been towed in the past and others impounded, at considerable expense to the owners. Be very careful where you park so as not to be in a tow away zone. At one time parking in our "new" lot (corner of George & College) was restricted to certain times but that is no longer the case. PLEASE observe the "Reserved" parking signs in the lot between the rectory and convent/Adoration Chapel so that those for whom spaces are reserved will have access to them. When coming to activities in Brenner Hall (sporting events, socials, school activities---including those during the daytime hours---etc.) use the parking lots along W. College Ave.


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Tuition Assistance Appeal 

Providing a Catholic school education in difficult economic times is challenging.  There are families who have a great desire to have their child(ren) enrolled in St. Patrick Catholic School but cannot afford to do so alone.  Tuition for one child for the present school year is  $3,300.  ANY donation for this purpose, ANY amount, would be GREATLY appreciated. 


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"The Wonders of Lourdes" 

As mentioned by Fr. Cawley, during the Masses on May 24, 2009, below is a link to The Wonders of Lourdes: 150 Miraculous Stories of the Power of Prayer to Celebrate; the 150th Anniversary of Our Ladys Apparition, on

Go to Book on


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Adoration Chapel ALERT! 

St. Patrick Parish is blessed, being the site of the Deanery's Perpetual Adoration Chapel and our York Deanery is blessed by having a place of prayer and devotion available, 24/7, where the faithful may gather for prayer and adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.  But the Adoration Chapel is in desperate need of additional Adorers to assure that every hour of every day of every week is covered.  Those many people who come to the chapel, day or night, know first hand of the countless blessings that they receive through their times of prayer and adoration though, I believe, it is not about what they can "get" that draws them to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament but rather what they can "give" to Him.  Recruiting new Adorers is difficult.  For one who has never committed to an hour of prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament there can easily be the fear or concern "what will I do for a whole hour?".  Those who faithfully come before the Blessed Sacrament can testify that in most instances, the hour goes very quickly and they cherish those quiet minutes of prayer, thought and reflection. 

      I often pray the Liturgy of the Hours and the Rosary; others read the Bible or some other spiritual writings; some just sit and ponder the presence of the Lord; some read what others have written in the Book of Intentions.  The options are many.  But the more immediate need, right now, is to recruit additional Adorers, particularly young adults, married and single. 

Recently I have taken a much more “assertive" (aggressive) stance when meeting with engaged couples for marriage preparation, indicating to them that we [the Church] NEED married couples who are strong in the living of their Catholic faith to assure that they will be empowered to pass that faith along to future generations.  Unfortunately, too many young adult couples today are, at best, lax in the practice of the faith.  When meeting with couples there seems to be a desire to "become" more active in living the Catholic faith but no real plan as to how to do that.  Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament can aid in that process of renewal of faith in action.  And so I say, I invite, I exhort, I beg:  You young adults out there---single, engaged, married---PLEASE give an hour a week for prayer in the Good Shepherd Adoration Chapel. Interested, call me, 848-2007. Fr. Houser


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Rosary for Troubled Children 

Parents/Adults, interested in praying for children who are troubled, come together, once a month, to seek the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary through the praying of the Rosary. If you have a troubled child, know a troubled child or would like to pray the Rosary for troubled children, please come! The rosary will be said the first Wednesday of each month 7 p.m. at the St, Patrick’s Small Conference Room in the Convent.   Troubled children can benefit greatly by our prayers for their intentions.  For more information, contact Kathi Stayman 717-854-9554 or


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